April 16th, 2020


CNBA Family,


After weeks of thinking through what a potential CNBA Summer could look like,  I have come to the conclusion that CNBA as an organization WILL NOT be playing in summer events this year.  I have weighed this for weeks, put off this decision as long as I am comfortable doing while still remaining transparent to the CNBA Family, and feel that it is time to make the tough decision.  My reasoning:


1.  Facility use - currently closed until May 31st.  I am concerned/convinced that facilities may not be available through June - especially school facilities.  Even if they are it will be limited numbers at the discretion of the host site.  CNBA has been a practice first/play 2nd program in the past - and I am not a fan of playing tournaments without the practice/skill development aspect of the program that has made us an attractive option.  


2.  I am concerned, based on the information that I have collected, that when June 1st arrives there will be restricted numbers of participants allowed in tournament venues, if at all.  With that number undecided - currently 10 or less - I cannot see June allowing tournaments when 250-1000 people may be in the bigger tournament venues at one time.  Lincoln Supreme and OSA operate large facilities - as well as any venue in Wichita.  If I am wrong, so be it, see point 6 below.


3.  July is sacred family time - while I realize that you have had plenty of family time in the past few weeks - I feel this July will be a time to get away, participate in a ton of things you've missed out on, represent your school at HS camps, and CNBA respects that.  


4.  Many families have been impacted financially during this time.  I understand the time and the money that it takes to participate in CNBA and I do not want to put an additional financial strain on families if it isn't needed at this time.


5.  Logistics - uniform orders for 200 plus players - a huge risk and gamble when MAYB, Lincoln Supreme, and OSA cannot tell you anything other than they HOPEFUL of a JUNE 1 start date and to play at some point this summer - whether it be practice or games.  


6.  Safety of our players and families is the most important - I am not willing to travel CNBA into environments that would put anyone at risk.  Sadly, I know 4 people personally who are positive for Covid-19 and it sucks.  It's just not worth it.  


I will begin the process of returning any credit card payments from tryouts and will dispose of checks written to me via shredder - unless you request that I return your check to you. 


I know players in this program who will personally be upset with this decision.  I take that to heart and understand the mindset of "its months away yet."  I have two CNBA players in my home who feel the same way.  I wish I could give a better answer or had information that led me to believe a different choice was the best one for CNBA - but I cannot seem to line up the dots on this one to make it be something I feel comfortable with.   


If players and families are set on playing ball this summer it is my duty to also help you find an option.  High school players - your HS coaches will be working on a condensed schedule for you - many of you are multi-sport athletes and you will be busy!  I have been in talks with Nebraska Heartland for over a month personally and know that Nebraska Pride, Lincoln Supreme, OSA, and Nebraska Select are in holding patterns as well.  Nebraska Heartland and CNBA will be the first to announce this decision.  Nebraska Select (Boys) has not had a tryout - this would be an option for boys if you choose to want to find an option for summer basketball.  


Thank you for understanding and I appreciate your comments throughout the past few weeks.  We will look to regroup and be ready for 2021.


Cameron, CNBA

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